Q4 Newsletter

  • The New Adobe Connect Central Homepage and Adobe Connect Application

As you may already know, Adobe Connect 9.7 will be shipping shortly and we wanted to inform you of the  two biggest features in the release.  First, this new version of Adobe Connect features a completely redesigned homepage that you will see immediately when you log in to Adobe Connect Central (the web interface).  Second, we now have a brand new application that replaces the Adobe Connect add-in.  When is this taking place?  You can find the date for YOUR account here,  Also, if you would like to see exactly what this will all look like, have a look at a short video overview regrading these new features.

  • Adobe Connect and HTML5

Many clients have questions around the influence HTML5 and WebRTC might have on the web conferencing space. We would like to share Adobe’s current perspective on how these developing standards will come to affect Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect is always on the cutting edge of digital collaboration and will continue down this path by enabling easier entry, richer experiences, greater reach, and improved accessibility through the support of widely adopted technology standards.  For a more complete and detailed perspective of the Adobe Connect vision, click on this link to read the most recent whitepaper.

  • Adobe Connect On Web Conferencing, Open Standards, and the End of the Flash Player

Recently Adobe announced, with the support of many technology partners including Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla, that Adobe plans to end-of-life the Flash Player by the end of 2020.

In the meantime, in order to navigate this change, Adobe is releasing Adobe Connect 9.7, which will offer users a standalone executable desktop application completely independent from the Flash Player in the browser.  They are also pursuing the creation of a full-fledged web-application, currently being developed and tested in a private beta environment, that will take advantage of the rapidly evolving open standards of tomorrow.

This two-pronged approach will ensure users are able to enjoy the rich features of Adobe Connect with seamless entry to meeting rooms through the 9.7 desktop application while simultaneously Adobe is moving the product, and the necessary underlying web standards, towards supporting browser-based web conferencing with full feature parity to today’s product.

As an additional resource, there is a prepared a brief FAQ specific to Adobe Connect to help provide additional context and information on what this means for our end users. We will ensure to that moving forward, we will continue to share updates on the expansion of the HTML5 beta program and more news on product releases that leverage open standard web technology.

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