Newsletter – Q1 – 2022


- Q1 2022 -

Adobe Connect invites you to experience a private preview of its latest technology platform engineered to deliver a state-of-art audio and video experience. Customers who opt-in can optionally switch their existing or new rooms to this modern cloud native technology stack optimized for scalable, reliable high-quality audio & video for thousands of users using any device.

Please reach out to if you would like to sign up for this program.

We are continuing our series where we provide short Video Blogs (VLOG) that will give you insight to a specific function in Adobe products, including Captivate, Connect, Presenter, Captivate Prime, and the Creative Cloud products.

Here are a few that we have release up till this point:

Adobe Connect – Breakout Rooms Breakdown
Adobe Captivate Prime – Social Learning
Adobe Connect – Engagement Tools
Adobe Captivate – Importing a PowerPoint Presentation

We have many more released in our library and intend to continue to release new VLOGs on a regular basis.

If you have any suggestions for subject that we can create a VLOG in the future, please reach out to us by sending an email to

With the most recent update to Adobe Captivate Prime, Adobe has introduced Learning Paths. Originally Learning Programs, Learning Paths offer the learner a clear direction in their training and bundle courses that complement each other to achieve a larger training goal. Learning Paths can be customized by create new sections and labeling each section with a title, offering you the ability to breakdown the training to in bite sized self-paced chunks. Each Learning Path can be set up to make sections mandatory for completion of a set skill. The update adding Learning Paths is also now reflected in the Fluidic Player. There are newly built icons showing learners all available paths in the training through the table of contents (TOC) offering learners the ability to jump from one training to another.

To enable the new Learning Paths feature you will need to go to your Settings area and go to the General Page. From here you will see an option to enable the extended capabilities of Learning Paths. Once this is enabled Authors/Admins will be able to access all features listed above. (to note, you can not change the option once it is enabled)

With the addition to Learning Paths, changes have been made to Reporting. Now reports pulled from Captivate Prime and integrated Connectors (Salesforce, Power BI and Marketo) will include 3 now columns to show Learning Path, Path ID and Path Language. A Session Summary Report has also been added. This report contains all data around a learners Virtual and Classroom session and can be pulled from specific data range fields.

There are a few notable Big Fixes in this update including stability for Zoom and BlueJeans Meetings, quality of life improvements over reporting and removing trainings. Finally increasing the catalogs size up to 50. For more specifics around this update please check the full release notes here. or send an email to for more details.

Every Monday, we have Office Hours back-to-back that help you with Adobe Connect and Adobe Captivate Prime. At 2pm ET, you can register and log into a room and get help with Adobe Captivate Prime. Right after that at 3pm ET, we have our experts with Adobe Connect ready to help you. We answer questions and assist with your particular use-case in either Connect or Captivate Prime.


Adobe Connect 11.4 Getting Started Series

Envolvemedia is hosting a recurring class on Adobe Connect 11.4. This training webinar will review enhancements released in Connect 11.4, basic skills needed to create a room and how to design the room once it is set up. We’ll also discuss commonly used pods and tasks that you will need to perform to provide a seamless experience for your participants, while managing presenters behind the scenes.

Managing a Connect Meeting Room
  • Managing attendees
  • Managing audio for Hosts/Presenters/Participants
  • Managing video for Hosts/Presenters/Participants
  • Setting and viewing connection properties

Maximizing Pod Contents

  • Maximizing pod content within Meeting room
  • Customizing your Connect Meeting room
  • Optimizing the experience
  • Layouts

Creating a Connect Meeting Room

  • Creating a Meeting room Step-by-Step
  • Entering Meeting information
  • Managing Recordings

Get More Connected to Audio/Visuals in Adobe Connect 11.4

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 | 2:00-2:30pm ET; 11:00-11:30am PT

Adobe Connect 11.4 provides users with an enhanced experience with audio/visuals. In this session you’ll learn about:

  • Playing  MP4 files placed on slides
  • New and improved features and administration of the video pod
  • Recordings update
  • Media updates

Adobe Captivate Prime – Q1 Release Webinar

Tuesday, February 25, 2022 | 2:00-2:30pm ET; 11:00-11:30am PT

Adobe Captivate Prime has a substantial update coming in the first quarter of 2022 and we have all the details for you. There are many enhancements to areas of the system and some new additions to assist with connecting to other systems. In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Classrooms
  • Instructors Role
  • TOC Updates
  • Social Learning View
  • Learner View Updates
  • Microsoft Teams Connector

Using the Reports Tab For Adobe Connect Meetings

Wednesday, February 16, 2022 | 2:00-2:30pm ET; 11:00-11:30am PT

Navigating reports in any system can sometimes be confusing. This webinar will give you the basics of getting reports on your Adobe Connect rooms and navigating the data that is found in those reports. We will discuss:

  • Choosing the Room to Report On
  • Filters and Fields
  • Navigating the Reports

Adding Content to the Captivate Prime Content Library

Wednesday, February 23, 2022 | 2:00-2:30pm ET; 11:00-11:30am PT

Join us to discuss one of the base functions that makes Adobe Captivate Prime so appealing to content creators; the Content Library. This area allows you to upload raw content like PDF, DOC, Videos, or audio, as well as SCORM packages and then assemble them into robust, manageable courses within Adobe Captivate Prime. We will discuss:

  • Uploading Content
  • Versioning
  • Completion and Success Criteria
  • Menu Bar