Custom Applications

Envolvemedia has a library of Applications and Custom Pods we have already built. Use our existing products to enhance your training; or leverage our knowledge and skills to build a custom solution for your needs.

Adobe Connect is a tool that provides more than just an LMS or web-conferencing, though it does both of these. It is a powerful virtual studio for hosting and facilitating meetings that offers an open architecture to extend its core capabilities. Part of this extensibility include the ability to build and share Custom Pods. Pods in Adobe Connect are functional windows that open a world of virtual experience. There are a number of built-in Pods such as a Chat Pod or a Poll Pod. With the HTML SDK, Adobe Connect allows creative and experienced developers the ability to build their own Applications or Custom Pods, such as games, clocks and much more based on your training needs.



With a visual representation of words, you can measure effectiveness, garner engagement, or just allow your team to share thoughts and feelings.


Full Pod Image

This custom pod will display images in the full width and height of the Connect Pod, rather than at aspect ratio.



Enter a “Word of the Day” and have participants try to figure out the word in the number of attempts allotted. 



Create a word search game based on words provided by the Meeting Host. Participants find the words either independently or collaboratively.



Share your website, external surveys, SCORM-based content or other URLs in the iFrame Pod from Envolvemedia

Image Carousel Pod Thumbnail

Image Carousel

Enhance meetings with an interactive Image Carousel Pod. The carousel loops through a series of images on a timed-basis. Configure the animation, navigation controls, and add hyperlinks to individual images.

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