Adobe Learning Manager – Training

A Trial Version of Adobe Learning Manager is needed for this training. Each session will have homework to be done within a trial version. If you do not have a trial version, please reach out to your Envolvemedia sales contact to have one set up or send a email to

Introduction – Training on Adobe Learning Manager

Our training is designed for Users who will not be restricted to the Learner role only. It will step you through all roles so that you can properly manage each of your teams assignments within the system. You can also create custom roles within Adobe Learning Manager that may pull from multiple different roles in the system. We suggest that everyone on your team learn about each role in detail so you can learn how each role interacts with all the other roles in the system. This training is set up through our office and performed virtually in an Adobe Connect room. We do offer on-site training at an extra cost and your Envolvemedia sales contact can discuss that with you.

Session 1

Time: 90 minutes


  • User Interface
    • My Learning
    • Social Learning
    • Gamification
  • Course Detail Page
  • Fluidic Player
  • Profile Settings


  • Users
    • Adding users
      • The multiple ways to add users
    • User Rights
    • User Groups
      • Auto Generated
      • Custom
      • Active Fields
  • Catalog
    • Creating a New Catalog
    • “Default Catalog”
    • Assigning courses to catalogs
    • Attaching User Groups
  • Skills
    • In Courses
    • Setting up new skills
  • Branding
    • General
    • Learner Dashboard
  • Email Customization and settings
    • How emails are enabled or disabled and what that means to the system
    • The different sections of emails
    • Editing the body of an email
    • General settings of an email
  • Native Extensions
    • Adding a link
  • General Settings.
    • Basic Info
    • L1,L3 Feedback
    • General ON/OFF Settings


  • Brand your site
  • Set up your Learner Dashboard
  • Add Users to the system with different roles
  • Customize Email Settings
  • Create a custom catalog
  • Create 2 Skills
  • Add a Native Extension

Session 2

Time: 90 minutes


  • Content creation
    • Adding content
    • Versioning of the content
    • Private folders, if necessary
    • Creating Quizzes
    • How content gets used in courses
  • Creating courses
    • Course information
    • Adding Content
      • Self-Paced Module
      • Virtual Classroom Module
      • Classroom Module
      • Activity Module
    • Branding
    • Skills
    • Other Settings
    • Email Setup
    • Instances
  • Setting up Learning Plans


  • Add 3-4 different types of Content to the system
  • Create a course with 3 modules
  • Add this course to your catalog, edit notifications, and preview as a learner
  • Assign training to User Groups you created
  • Create a Learning Plan
  • Create a course with VILT

Session 3

Time: 90 Minutes


  • Create Learning Path
  • Set up Certifications
  • Adding Job Aids to the Account


  • Gamification Settings
  • Social Learning Settings
  • Badges
  • Announcement
  • Tags
  • Admin Report
  • Custom Reports


  • Create a Learning Path
  • Create a Certification
  • Change the settings on the gamification setup
  • Create a social board post and comment on another post.
  • Add two badges to the system and attach one to a course and one to a skill.
  • Create a report for your dashboard
  • Add an announcement and set the announcement to expire.

Session 4

Time: 60 Minutes


  • Dashboards
  • Custom Reports
  • Course Interactions


  • How to assign as role
  • Abilities afforded by the role.

Integration Admin

  • Abilities
  • Connectors

Q&A Session

Adobe Learning Manager Resources

Envolvemedia Quick Start Guides – (Supplied at the end of the training)

  • Overall Guide
  • Learners
  • Authors
  • Administrators
  • Managers

Adobe Learning Manager Resources