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What's New in Captivate Prime - November 2019

Update 50 - Release date: Oct 24, 2019

Our clients and perspective clients have mentioned ‘custom roles’ within their LMS in their needs lately. Lucky for us the current Captivate Prime updates released on October 24th speak to that and some other nice enhancements.

Flexibility when setting up custom roles is getting better and better within the Captivate Prime LMS. It will mean some care in setting up Catalogs in the early stages of LMS implementation or as part of a scope out, but in the long run, there will be more flexibility with larger entities for management structure. This release also allows Administrators the ability to control what filters are available on catalogs at the learner level. You can omit things like Skills or Tags on catalogs if they do not apply client. This cleans up the view on the Catalog page.

The search function within Captivate Prime is one of its weaker points, but it looks like they are addressing those issues as well. A ‘free search’ can now be initiated to search for any Learning Object. This means that as an Author and Admin, your search within Courses is now finding all objects related to learning objects, not just course names. Searching while you are in the Learning Plan area will now only search Learning Plans, instead of all courses within Learning Plans as well.

The biggest update and another item that current clients and prospective clients mention on a regular basis, is the addition of choosing persistent rooms in Adobe Connect when setting up a Virtual Classroom. A Connect account can be directly integrated with Captivate Prime and, when add a new Virtual Classroom content to a course, it creates a new, basic room each time. Because it forced a new room creation, you would need to set it up prior to the Virtual Classroom activation or use the basic room layout each time you set up a new course. Now, you can use one of your customized, persistent rooms as the location for the Virtual Classroom portion of a course. This allows you to create a persistent classroom that you can use for any course you want to link to.

There are some other small additions, upgrades, and bug fixes that you can review HERE. As always, if you have any questions about Adobe Connect or Captivate Prime, please reach out to us at or you can drop into our Office Hours every Monday at 3pm EST and talk to an Adobe Expert.