Custom Pods extend the already feature-rich functionality of meetings in Adobe Connect. Use Custom Pods to provide a more interactive, professional or enhanced experience for hosts and participants.


Custom Pods are available from a variety of sources. Envolvemedia is proud to provide a number of custom pods for Adobe Connect. They are also available on Adobe’s website, along with other third-party pods.

  • To download a custom pod from Envolvemedia:
      1. Find a pod from Envolvemedia’s Custom Pod site
      2. Either click Download at the bottom of each pod, or click the Details button to get more information about the pod and then click download.
  • To download a custom pod from Adobe:
      1. Find a pod from the Apps & Integrations page on Adobe’s website
      2. Click Learn more> at the bottom of each pod
      3. Click the Download button typically found on the top/left -hand side of the page
  • To download an update for any Envolvemedia Custom Pod:

Some pods from Envolvemedia include an upgrade feature. With a click of a button, it is easy to tell if the current pod is the latest version, or if there is an update available. To check/download an update to custom pod:

      1. In a meeting running an Envolvemedia Pod, as a host, click on the help/about button, from the Custom Pod Settings Bar
      2. When supported, click the Check for update Otherwise, when not supported, this button will not appear
      3. If an update is NOT available, the button label changes to No update available
      4. If an update IS available, the button label changes to Download Update; and information about the update is displayed
      5. Clicking Download Update will download the updated Custom Pod package (a .zip file) and usually place it in your Downloads folder

Import Custom Pods into Adobe Connect

After downloading, there are multiple ways to install or import the pod for use in a Connect Meeting

Sharing a Custom Pod directly in an Adobe Connect Meeting

Importing a custom pod can be as easy as dragging and dropping the Custom Pod (.zip file) directly into an empty Share Pod

  1. Click Pod Share options and select Share > Add New Share
  2. When the new/empty share pod appears, Custom Pods can be imported directly into an Adobe Connect Meeting, using one of the following methods:
      • Drag and drop the Custom Pod ZIP file directly into the share pod
      • Custom Pods can also be imported by using the standard menu items. Select Document > Browse My Computer and select the ZIP file from its downloaded location on your computer.
      • Custom Pods can also be shared from the Shared Content (or My Content) folders of Adobe Connect by following a similar process. This method is preferred for content that is shared among multiple Meetings, such as Custom Pods