An Adobe Connect Custom Pod


Word Clouds are a powerful way to visualize attendees� thoughts and/or feelings. WordCloud by Envolvemedia allows you to gain interactive feedback from participants.  It is easy to produce and provides responses that are easy to read and simple to understand. The more the same word (or phrase) is submitted, the bigger it is displayed

Host View

Hosts are able to configure and control the WordCloud Pod.  Therefore, they�ll have more options available when sharing a WordCloud Pod.

There are four areas to focus on:

  1. WordCloud Title
  2. Settings Bar
  3. WordCloud Area
  4. WordCloud Entry

WordCloud Title

When configured, the WordCloud Title will contain the Title or Phrase participants are responding with their word(s).  It is recommended to keep this phrase short, though it can accommodate up to two lines of text

Settings Bar

The Settings Bar allows hosts to control and configure the WordCloud

– Restart WordCloud.  Keeps the Title, but clears the WordCloud of all previously entered words or phrases. This is not enabled until the WordCloud has been started

– Download the WordCloud as a PNG image.  This is not enabled until the WordCloud has been started and one or more word(s) have been entered

– Starts the WordCloud. If a title has not been entered, a warning dialog will appear. Start will allow participants to enter word(s) in the WordCloud Entry field

– Stops the WordCloud. It appears where the Start button is after the WordCloud has been started.  Stop will disable the WordCloud Entry field, so no more words can be entered

– Opens the settings dialog, so the WordCloud can be configured

– Opens the Help/About dialog

WordCloud Area

When started, attendees can enter their words so they appear in the WordCloud area.  As a host, you can delete words by holding the <Ctrl> key (Command key on a Mac) down while clicking on a word.  This can be used to remove words that may be offensive or not related to the current topic

WordCloud Entry

Allows attendees to enter one or more words based on the settings of the WordCloud


WordCloud Title

Enter a title or phrase for attendees to respond and/or provide feedback. This can be the topic of the day; their thoughts of the training; or something fun as an icebreaker

Word Limit per Entry

Limit the number of words attendees can enter at once.  If 1 is selected, only one word at a time can be entered or submitted (e.g. snowman).  If 2 is selected, will allow words separated by a space (e.g. snow man).  While it�s not recommended, if you don�t want to limit users to any words, enter 0

Limit Number of Entries

By limiting the number of entries, attendees can only submit word(s) up to the entered limit.  If you want users to enter unlimited words, enter 0


Change the Font for the WordCloud words to appear.  If using a double-byte language, it might be recommended to be change to a more suitable font provided


Change the language of the interface.  This includes the WordCloud entry area, the tooltips of the buttons and the Settings dialog.  This does NOT translate the language of the Title or any of the entered words.  However, if the language is changed, the Host can then enter a Title in that same language and allow attendees to respond similarly.   A host can push the interface language to all participants.  This is only recommended, if all attendees are expected to participate with that language as it changes their interface.  NOTE: After pushing the language to all participants, they are able to change the language of their local instance

Background Color

Change the background color of the WordCloud area

Fully Synchronized

All users will always see the same words and usually in the same size and color.  However, unless it is fully synchronized, the words will appear in a different order and location in the WordCloud area.  When fully synchronized, the words appear in the same way for all participants.  Since this pushes more data to all users, it isn�t necessarily recommended for larger meetings

Participant View