Newsletter – Q1 – 2024


- Q1 2024 -

Adobe continues to put improved workflows and quality of life enhances to the Adobe Connect System with the latest two updates. In these updates, Adobe introduced new features, like the Chat Panel. This feature of Adobe Connect is similar to the Chat Pod but exists as a pop out panel allowing the host and attendees more control over their view of the Adobe Connect room. It will retain all the same functionality of the Chat Pod but will not be captured in recordings if you prefer your records to be more content focused.

Another new feature is the Pod Switcher. This originally existed only on the Notes Pod, and it was a lesser known feature, hidden in the Pod Menu, allowing you to bring in a fresh new notes to write in. Now each Pod has a drop-down arrow at the top allowing the host the ability to not only quickly switch content within the pod but also replace the pod with a new one, saving time in your meeting by no longer needing to hide the pod, click the pods menu and add a new pod.

Added to the improved workflow flow, there is a new clear pods option. This will be located in your pod menu at the very bottom. This allows the host to clear content from multiple pods at one time, making it quick and easy to reset a persistence room you are using for trainings or meeting. The host can clear Chat History, Chat Panel History, Polling Results and Q&A History with a click of a single button.

Adobe Connect 12.5.1 also adds additional functionality to the Automated Closed Captions, allowing additional language options and the ability to Share System sounds on a Mac. Like with any Adobe Connect Updates, this comes with additional quality of live improvements like updated microphone and camera control icons, new recording view stats and additional bug fixes. To find out all changes that came with the latest update to Adobe Connect, check out the release notes for 12.5 click HERE and for 12.5.1 click HERE, or attend our 30 minute live demo covering What’s New in 12.5 and 12.5.1 on December 14th.

Discover the exciting updates in the latest release of Adobe Learning Manager, designed to make your learning experience more personalized and efficient. Let’s explore some standout features that will redefine how you engage with the platform:

Custom Experiences in Native Version

Tailor your learning environment effortlessly by setting up custom experiences within the native version of Learning Manager. Place helpful widgets and apps at different points in the workflow, guiding learners to the assistance they need. Now, you can conveniently add links to external help at various places in the system, creating a more user-friendly experience.

Quiz Creation Tool

The most notable addition is the ability to create quizzes directly within the interface. No need for external authoring tools or complicated processes – simply set up your questions, including multiple choice, true/false, and fill in the blanks. Customize your assessments by weighting questions, randomizing them, and shuffling answers, all within Adobe Learning Manager.

Compliance Widget

Stay on top of your course progress with the new Compliance Widget on the learner homepage. Get a quick overview of overdue, on-track, and upcoming courses within the next 7 days. The colorful circle with percentages provides a visual snapshot, and convenient links take you directly to courses that need attention.

Refreshed User Interface

Experience a cleaner and modern user interface that enhances your overall user experience. The revamped Learning Manager interface offers a more streamlined workflow, replacing confusing dashboards with a user-centric design. Enjoy a refreshed look and feel that prioritizes simplicity and functionality.


Embark on a journey of enhanced learning with Adobe Learning Manager’s latest features. These updates aim to make your learning experience smoother and more enjoyable, ensuring you get the most out of your time on the platform.

You can always find the full details of updates by clicking HERE.

Envolvemedia prides itself on how flexible we are for our customers, whether you need training or support, we are there to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Out of our many service offering, we also provide end to end support for any Event Productions you may need.

This can be for a Single Scope Webinar or a Multi-Day Hybrid Style conference and anything in-between. From registration, presenter training and dry‐runs, to live production and post‐event analytics—Envolvemedia is a turn‐key production house that can ensure a successful event.

We have a 5 step Event Workflow that we will take you through to make sure all your production needs are met. From Preparing you and your team with dry-runs and tests; to Promoting your event with digital campaigns and custom microsites branded to fit your company or agencies designs and logos. Engaging your audience with virtual rooms through Polling, Surveys, Q&A and interactive Chat. Offering you a detailed Follow-Up after your event to provide you analytics from both registration data and engagement data from the live session. Finally using Adobe Analytics to Optimize future events and provide after action reporting to leadership.

If you’d like to learn more about the service offerings we have at Envolvemedia please feel free to reach out to with any questions you might have.

Every Monday, we have Office Hours back-to-back that help you with Adobe Connect and Adobe Learning Manager. At 2pm ET, you can register and log into a room and get help with Adobe Learning Manager. Right after that at 3pm ET, we have our experts with Adobe Connect ready to help you. We answer questions and assist with your particular use-case in either Connect or Adobe Learning Manager.

To register for any session, you can click HERE to register.

We are continuing our series where we provide short Video Blogs (VLOG) that will give you insight to a specific function in Adobe products, including Captivate, Connect, Presenter, Learning Manager, and the Creative Cloud products.

Here are a few that we have released:


We have many more released in our library and intend to continue to release new VLOGs on a regular basis. You can also find the VLOGs and more helpful videos on our YouTube page.

If you have any suggestions for subject that we can create a VLOG in the future, please reach out to us by sending an email to


Version 12.5.1 – Getting Started Series

Envolvemedia is hosting a recurring class on Adobe Connect 12.5.1. This training webinar will review enhancements released in Connect 12.5.1, basic skills needed to create a room and how to design the room once it is set up. We’ll also discuss commonly used pods and tasks that you will need to perform to provide a seamless experience for your participants, while managing presenters behind the scenes.

Build Your Personal Room
  • Creating a Meeting Room Step-by-Step
  • Learn how users can test audio and video prior to entering the meeting
Managing an Adobe Connect Meeting Room
  • What is a Pod? And Pod Customization
  • Managing attendees and managing your audience
  • Setting and viewing connection properties
  • Starting a recording
Maximizing Pod Contents
  • Maximizing pod content within Meeting room
  • The 4 Pods you need in every Meeting
  • Customizing your Connect Meeting room
  • Optimizing the experience
Closing a Meeting and Follow Ups
  • Managing Recordings
  • Viewing Session Reports
What’s New and On the Roadmap
  • Adobe Connect NEW and BETA Features

Adobe Learning Manager – Quizzing Ability

Thursday, December 12 – 2:00pm – 2:30pm EST (11:00am – 11:30am PT)

With the release of the newest version of Adobe Learning Manager, you can now create quizzes natively inside the LMS. These quizzes can contain multiple types of questions including Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True/False, or Fill in the Blank. With these questions, you can add weighted scores, set passing criteria, and randomize question order or answer option order or both. These quizzes will report information to Adobe Learning Manager just like a regular SCORM quiz, so no need to have an outside authoring tool to create quizzes anymore. Join us in our Webinar where we go over:

  • How to create a quiz
  • Adding questions to the quiz
  • Setting criteria for passing
  • Randomizing settings
  • Themes

What’s New in Adobe Connect 12.5 and 12.51

Thursday, December 14th – 2:00pm – 2:30pm EST (11:00am 11:30am PT)

Adobe Connect has come out with a new host of quality of life features for their next update, Adobe Connect 12.5 and 12.5.1

Learn about some of the new features added in our 30 minute webinar, like:

  • Pod Switcher
  • Chat Panel vs Chat Pod
  • Enhanced Recording Reporting
  • Reset and Refresh Rooms with a push of a button
  • New AI closed captioning language options

Making an Engaging Virtual Classroom in Adobe Connect 12.5.1

Thursday, January 11 – 2:00pm – 2:30pm EST 11:00am 11:30am PT)

With all the updates Adobe has added to Adobe Connect over the last few years, they have only increased the level of interactions you can have with your audience. In this 30 minute session learn how to take all the tools you have at your disposal and make an interactive and engaging virtual classroom, and stop just sharing PowerPoints in your trainings.

Learn about some of the new features added in our 30 minute webinar, like:

  • Quiz pod and Poll Pods
  • Custom Pods
  • Breakout Rooms
  • The Power of Pods

Using the new Responsive Event Templates in Adobe Connect

Thursday, February 8 – 2:00pm – 2:30pm EST (11:00am 11:30am PT)

Adobe Connect 12.4 introduced a new way for you to create your events, the Responsive Event Template and new updated template editor.

Learn about some of the new features added in our 30 minute webinar, like:

  • How to enable Responsive Event Templates
  • Editing in the new template editor
  • Preview changes in Realtime
  • Responsive email templates