Newsletter – Q3 – 2023


- Q3 2023 -

This month marks another notable upgrade to the Adobe Connect system with version 12.4, the single biggest update in 2023 so far. With this version of Adobe Connect we see brand new features like the Native Quizzing, Automatic Closed Captions, and a complete overhaul of the Home Page and site navigation, along with some quality of life improvements to the Recording Editor and Event Templates.

With our lives moving to a more hybrid environment, accessibility is key and a big component to that is Close Captioning. This has evolved over the years with Adobe Connect, originally starting out as a custom pod, this feature is now native to the room itself. The host of a session will be able to enable closed captioning for the room, along with be able to get an email transcript after the session has completed. This new feature will also allow you to provide closed captioning for your recorded session as well. This feature is still in BETA but expect more enhancement and upgrades to happen soon.

Keeping in line with ease of use, Adobe has updated the Connect Central Home Page. The new home page will have a dashboard view for hosts to provide them a quick glance of their upcoming sessions along with recently used rooms and recordings. For first time users of Adobe Connect there is now a helpful Quick Overview Widget that will pop up with instructions and help guides. These upgrades will start rolling out to our Hosted Services starting June 3. You can check out  Adobe Connect Downloads and Updates to determine the upgrade date for your account. If want to see the full list of features you can check out the Release Notes.

Striving to make your online trainings and virtual classrooms as interactive as possible there is a new Native Quizzing Pod in Adobe Connect. This is not replacing the Polling Pod but working alongside it in the room.

This Quiz Pod allows you to create 10 question graded quizzes, with the ability to have as many quizzes in your room as possible. With the persistency of the room you can create these ahead of time and these quizzes, like polls, can be Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer and Fill in the Blank question types.

Host and Presenter will be able to monitor the live progress of each of the students in the room with students able to see a live leaderboard of the attendees to inspire some healthy competition with gamification. This is now live with 12.4 Desktop but will be added on mobile in the coming months. If want to learn more about the new Quiz Pod or any of the other 12.4 updates, please check out the Release Notes here.

Envolvemedia prides itself on how flexible we can be for our customers, whether you need training or support, we are there to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Out of our many service offering, we also provide end to end support for any Event Productions you may need.

This can be for a Single Scope Webinar or a Multi-Day Hybrid Style conference and anything in-between. From registration, presenter training and dry‐runs, to live production and post‐event analytics—Envolvemedia is a turn‐key production house that can ensure a successful event.

We have a 5 step Event Workflow that we will take you through to make sure all your production needs are met. From Preparing you and your team with dry-runs and tests; to Promoting your event with digital campaigns and custom microsites branded to fit your company or agencies designs and logos. Engaging your audience with virtual rooms through Polling, Surveys, Q&A and interactive Chat. Offering you a detailed Follow-Up after your event to provide you analytics from both registration data and engagement data from the live session.  Finally using Adobe Analytics to Optimize future events and provide after action reporting to leadership.

If you’d like to learn more about the service offerings we have at Envolvemedia please feel free to reach out to with any questions you might have.

Each year, the eLearning Industry releases their picks for the best Learning Management Systems. With this year’s release, Adobe Learning Manager has settled into their top five! These rankings come from both personal use by their team, as well as input from their large pool of community members that have experience with the software. Adobe Learning Manager currently shows with 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 64 industry user reviews.

A few of the things the article touch on that helps Adobe Learning Manager stand out are seamless content browsing and consumption, out-of-the box integrations, and the AI-Based recommendations and engagements. At Envolvemedia, we pride ourselves on being a value-added reseller of ALM and we go out of our way to make sure you not only get the best product on the market, but we give you the training and resources you need to get you up and running quickly and support you after launch.

For more details

We are continuing our series where we provide short Video Blogs (VLOG) that will give you insight to a specific function in Adobe products, including Captivate, Connect, Presenter, Learning Manager, and the Creative Cloud products.

Here are a few that we have released:


We have many more released in our library and intend to continue to release new VLOGs on a regular basis. You can also find the VLOGs and more helpful videos on our YouTube page.

If you have any suggestions for subject that we can create a VLOG in the future, please reach out to us by sending an email to

Every Monday, we have Office Hours back-to-back that help you with Adobe Connect and Adobe Learning Manager. At 2pm ET, you can register and log into a room and get help with Adobe Learning Manager. Right after that at 3pm ET, we have our experts with Adobe Connect ready to help you. We answer questions and assist with your particular use-case in either Connect or Captivate Prime.


Version 12.4 – Getting Started Series

Envolvemedia is hosting a recurring class on Adobe Connect 12. This training webinar will review enhancements released in Connect 12, basic skills needed to create a room and how to design the room once it is set up. We’ll also discuss commonly used pods and tasks that you will need to perform to provide a seamless experience for your participants, while managing presenters behind the scenes.

Build Your Personal Room
  • Creating a Meeting Room Step-by-Step
  • Learn how users can test audio and video prior to entering the meeting
Managing an Adobe Connect Meeting Room
  • What is a Pod? And Pod Customization
  • Managing attendees and managing your audience
  • Setting and viewing connection properties
  • Starting a recording
Maximizing Pod Contents
  • Maximizing pod content within Meeting room
  • The 4 Pods you need in every Meeting
  • Customizing your Connect Meeting room
  • Optimizing the experience
Closing a Meeting and Follow Ups
  • Managing Recordings
  • Viewing Session Reports
What’s New and On the Roadmap
  • Adobe Connect NEW and BETA Features

What’s New in Adobe Connect 12.4

Tuesday, June 15 – 2:00pm – 2:30pm EST (11:00am – 11:30am PT)

Adobe Connect 12.4 is the latest update introducing new features, improvements to existing features, greater accessibility. In this short 30 minute webinar we will cover

  • The New Native Quiz Pod
  • Updated Meetings and Seminar Recording Editor
  • Automatic Closed Captioning
  • Adobe Connect Central Updated look and Navigation

Getting the most out of the new Quiz Pod

Thursday, July 20 – 2:00pm – 2:30pm EST (11:00am 11:30am PT)

With the latest update in Connect 12.4, Adobe added new features to bring a whole new engagement tool to your Meeting and Virtual Trainings with the introduction of the Quiz Pod. In this 30 min session we will go over…

  • The New Native Quiz Pod
  • How to step up multiple quizzes
  • Reporting and Grading
  • Best Practices

Scheduling Assistant for Instructors

Thursday, August 10 – 2:00pm – 2:30pm EST 11:00am 11:30am PT)

In this training we will review the Scheduling Assistant for ILT/VILT in Adobe Learning Manager:

  • Where to find it
  • What it can do for you as an Author
  • Adding/Removing Tracking Points
  • Instructors
  • Locations
  • Saving your Settings

New Closed Captioning

Thursday, August 17 – 2:00pm – 2:30pm EST (11:00am 11:30am PT)

With the latest update in Connect 12.4, Adobe added new accessibility features to your Adobe Connect rooms to keep them compliant. In this webinar we will cover

  • The New Close Captioning Feature
  • How to enable and set up captions for your trainings
  • Downloading full meeting transcripts
  • Best Practices