VLOG Series – Adobe Learning Manager – Impersonate User

How can Impersonate User in Adobe Learning Manager help you? Find out in our newest VLOG!

Discover the powerful Impersonate User feature in Adobe Learning Manager, brought to you by Craig Sybert, Senior Solutions Consultant at Envolvemedia. This exclusive feature for administrators allows you to log in as any individual user, providing a unique opportunity to interact with Adobe Learning Manager from the learner’s perspective. Troubleshoot courses in a live environment and ensure a seamless user experience with ease. The Impersonate User feature is invaluable for administrators aiming to resolve user issues efficiently and effectively.

Access the Impersonate User option from your profile menu and search for the user you wish to impersonate. Enjoy a 60-minute session where you experience the learner role of that user, even if they have other roles. Enhance your ability to manage and support users with this innovative tool. Track all impersonation activities effortlessly via the login and access report, showing the impersonator’s name and email address. Transform your administrative capabilities with the Impersonate User feature in Adobe Learning Manager. Elevate your user management and support today!

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Meet The Voice

Craig Sybert has over 18 years of experience in the Learning and Development field and has performed just about every task, from course creation to LMS management to creating an entire training department from the ground up. He is familiar with a variety of Adobe products including Captivate Prime, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, Connect. His audio production knowledge comes from years of writing and recording music, performing voice over work, and as the writer and producer of a podcast called Music Musing. Finally, his video expertise comes from assisting with shooting and editing self-produced parody movies.