Article Review – Adobe Learning Manager in the Top of the List

User experience is a very important part of any system....

User experience is a very important part of any system. Whether it be a video game or an LMS, companies are going out of the way to focus on creating a pleasing user experience for their customers. Recently, eLearning Industry released their “Top 20 LMS Software based on User Experience” article and Adobe Learning Manager placed very high on the list at fourth out of the 20 reviewed LMS systems.

The ratings were based on System Usability, Perceived Usefulness, and Net Promoter Score. Those metrics include measuring ease of use, how a user feels that the LMS maximizes their work performance, and how much users are likely to recommend the product or not. So, to be at the top of this list is a big accomplishment and we wanted to share this article with you.

Photo by John Karlo Mendoza on Unsplash