VLOG Series – Adobe Learning Manager – Setting up Skills

How Skills help Learners in Adobe Learning Manager.

In this instructional video, our very own Dan Mozer delves into the crucial role of skills within Adobe Learning Manager. By aligning learners with their skill sets, this feature tailors training to individual needs. From the learner’s perspective, accessing the skills tab on the home page enables them to select areas of interest, fostering personalized learning experiences.

Switching roles to administrator, Dan demonstrates how to add new skills effectively. By navigating to the administrator panel and selecting the skills tab, users can easily create and manage skills. He walks you through the process, from naming and describing the skill to assigning credits and badges. With a clear and concise explanation, viewers learn how to enrich their Adobe Learning Manager experience by incorporating tailored skills.

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Meet the Voice

Daniel Mozer has over a decade of experience in the Web Conferencing and Digital Learning space. He has worn many hats in this role from project manager, webinar personality, IT solutions support and most importantly training instructor. With his passion for film and photography he has grown familiar with the full Adobe Creative Suites. Whether he’s using Photoshop to make marketing banners or edit his own photos or putting together tutorials and on-demand trainings with Premiere Pro, he is always looking to grow and expand his skill set.

Header Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash