VLOG Series – Adobe Learning Manager – General Settings Part 1

This is the first in a series of VLOGs that will review the General Settings for the Administrator role in Adobe Learning Manager. There are many items to discuss, so we broke the items down into multiple smaller VLOGs for your convenience. We will release all the versions in order this month. Enjoy!

Meet the Voice

Andrew Chemey has over 25 years of experience in eLearning and Development.  In addition to building content or managing LMS / training, he has been a QA Manager and Developer on both the tools used to generate that same content; and the LMS’s used to launch/track the content.  He started his career at Macromedia , working on the development teams of several Macromedia and Adobe products including Authorware, Flash, Connect, Captivate and Presenter.  He specializes in the back-end technologies such as AICC and SCORM standards or APIs that are used to provide solutions which enhance the experience of the customer and especially their learners

Header Photo by Rima Kruciene on Unsplash