VLOG Series – Adobe Connect – Resetting Passwords

Have you forgotten your password as an Adobe Connect user? Ever wonder how to get that reset? How about what happens on the Administrators side of things? Well, our very own Daniel Mozer goes over in detail what happens when you need to reset your password within Adobe Connect from the user point-of-view, as well as the administrator point-of-view.

Meet the Voice

Daniel Mozer has over a decade of experience in the Web Conferencing and Digital Learning space. He has worn many hats in this role from project manager, webinar personality, IT solutions support and most importantly training instructor. With his passion for film and photography he has grown familiar with the full Adobe Creative Suites. Whether he’s using Photoshop to make marketing banners or edit his own photos or putting together tutorials and on-demand trainings with Premiere Pro, he is always looking to grow and expand his skill set.

Header Photo by Simon Hattinga Verschure on Unsplash